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Drain Field- Save it By Routing Grey Water Away

Probably the most simple way to protect your septic drain field is by routing grey water (especially water from your laundry) away from the septic system all together. Many seem to frown on this, but it’s absolutely safe,... 

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Above Ground Septic Tanks

Above ground septic tanks are simply holding tanks Above ground septic tanks, not to be confused with mound systems, or above ground septic systems, are not above ground septic systems at all, but simply holding tanks. Some decomposition... 

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Septic Tank Location

How to determine current septic tank location If considering having your septic tank pumped, you must first determine septic tank location. If you don’t already have an idea of where it is, you will need to find where the... 

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Septic System Design

If you are building outside a metropolitan area and have no access to any type of regulated sewer system, especially if you will be building a new home (or remodeling a house that is several decades old), chances are you will... 

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Aerobic Septic Systems

Are all septic systems aerobic septic systems? Let’s get this topic straight from the start. All septic systems are aerobic, or at least they were designed to be. Aerobic activity must take place for the proper break down... 

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Drano And Septic Tanks

Drano and septic tanks – The Dilemma. Anyone who has owned a home with a septic tank has wondered about Drano and septic tanks. The commonly held information on the subject is hugely conflicting. There are those who say... 

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Mound Septic System

Is A Mound Septic System Necessary? If your area contains one or more of the following conditions: high water table non porous soil (will not perc well) very compacted soil, slate, or just plain rock close proximity to area... 

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Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping – Every 4 Years Minimum It is recommended that homeowners have septic tank pumping done every two to four years. But what makes it necessary to have a septic pumped? The answer lies in how a septic tank... 

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Septic Tank Cost

Septic Tank Cost – Plastic vs Concrete Septic Tank If you are installing or having a septic tank installed, you’re probably wondering which is better: plastic septic tank vs concrete septic tank. There are a few advantages... 

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