Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Alabama Septic System

Alabama Septic System

Alabama Septic System Regulations

Roughly 30% of single family homes in Alabama use a septic system for on-site treatment of household waste. According to Alabama's Department of Public Health (ADPH), septic systems, or On-Site Sewage Systems (OSS) must be built and maintained as described by the permit. An OSS must be properly sited, designed, constructed, installed, operated and maintained. It is the responsibility of the owner of an OSS to be familiar with the system and take action to prevent adverse impact on the system which could affect public health or cause nuisance to others.

For additional information on your Alabama septic system, check the ADPH guide for Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal.

Alabama Septic System Pumping

Alabama Septic SystemAs with many other state agencies offering guidance for septic system maintenance, The ADPH recommends that a typical residential septic system be pumped every three years.

As noted on the Application for Sewage Tank Pumper Permit, ADPH requirements for the pump truck operator include: conspicious display of license number on a leak proof tank of minimum capacity of 1250 gallons, and facilities available for the flushing, cleaning and deodorizing of sewage tanks.

For more information, contact ADPH Soil and Onsite Sewage Branch. (334) 206-5373