Thursday, August 13th, 2020

California Septic System

california septic system

California Septic System Regulations

California drafted new legislation regarding On-site Water Treatment Systems (OWTS) in February of 2009. The new legislation basically requires all new systems and old system upgrades to be planned and installed by licensed contractors specializing in these activities. The new systems must contain certified effluent (discharge) filters which filter contents larger than 3/16". In addition new septic tank installations must have watertight access risers installed to a depth within 6" of ground level for future cleanout purposes.

California septic system inspection - Every 5 years

Every 5 years, homeowners will be required to obtain a certified california septic system inspection, to ensure solids levels do not impair the function of the septic tank, and are strongly urged to have system pumped out if sludge and scum levels are greater than 25% of the tank capacity.

If effluent rises to the surface of the drainfield, the system repair process must begin within 30 days of reporting the violation, and be completed within 90 days.

This new legislation is within the guidelines being suggested by many other states wishing to become better stewards of their environment.

See the following link to the draft of California's new legislation:

Title 27: Environmental Protection