Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Colorado Septic System

colorado septic system

Colorado Septic System Regulations

Colorado has very specific concerns when it comes to home septic systems and wells. Where a colorado septic system is installed, these concerns can most easily be summed up by understanding one term - Nitrates.

One would think that a  state as vast, and sparsely populated, as Colorado could easily ward off problems with mans oversights and poor environmental stewardship. While Colorado's leaders have done a great job of meeting the task head on, the overwhelming needs of our country have made it very difficult.

The farms, ranches, and industry of Colorado have done more than their fair share in feeding and supplying this great country with other necessities, but not without cost. Excessive use of ammonium nitrate fertilizers coupled with enormous amounts of manure, all mobilized by the natural runoff of storm water and melted snow from Colorado's great peaks combine to create a rural drinking water quality problem for the state.

While Colorado's cities have protected systems fed from clean sources, and consistently monitored to ensure quality, rural areas where wells are prominent are lacking in this same protection.

What does this have to do with my Colorado septic system?

Poorly maintained septic systems contribute to the state's nitrate problems and increase the probability of these same nitrates being introduced into your own drinking water. Think about it. Nitrates are formed by nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen is produced by decomposing organic matter, ie... human waste, and oxygen is in water (H2O) which is everywhere during Colorado's spring melt. So, there's no better reason to maintain your septic system, than to protect yours and your neighbors well water.

Two ways to protect your Colorado septic system

  1. Have your septic tank inspected and pumped regularly.
  2. Have your well water tested.

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