Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Delaware Septic System

delaware septic system

Deleware Septic System Regulations

The first state also strives to be lead the country in ensuring water quality is maintained to the highest standards. While Delaware is very strict with septic system control in requiring 3 year septic tank inspections and pumping, they offer education and assistance in design and maintenance.

See Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program for low interest financing toward repair or replacement of failing septic systems.

Obtaining approval for a new Delaware septic system is a five step process.

delaware septic system

  1. Site is evaluated by a licensed Class "D" Soil Scientist.
  2. Soil Scientist's report is reviewed and approved.
  3. System is designed by a Class "B" or "C" Designer.
  4. Designed is reviewed and permit is issued.
  5. Class "E" System Contractor installs septic system.

See the following link: Groundwater Discharge FAQ's for more info.