Tuesday, August 4th, 2020


Septic System

Texas refers to your septic system as an On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF). One in three new Texas homes will be requiring a OSSF permit, due to the high growth. Public facilities simply cannot keep up with the population growth. For this reason, Texas takes a very proactive approach to ensuring water quality is maintained. Almost any OSSF (septic system) must have a permit prior to any construction, installation, repair, extension, or other alteration. All work must be performed by a contractor licensed by the state. See the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Tips for Septic Systems.

Choosing Your Septic System Type

If building a new home, or considering a septic systemtexasbonnets upgrade for an older home, no doubt, the choices can be confusing. Texas is a large state, very diverse in soil types, stone, and other sub-surface contents which can inhibit the operation of certain types of septic systems. The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality has also put together an excellent chart for helping to select the type of system for your area, or conditions. See this link for Choosing an On-Site Sewage Facility.

On-Site Sewage Facility Licensing

austin-texasInformation on septic system licensing requirements may be obtained by calling the OSSF licensing office at 512/239-6133